Biija (bee-zjah), a cutting-edge Los Angeles fine artist is collected internationally. Gaining momentous popularity among music and film celebrities, free-thinkers, and intellectuals, Biija is one of the fastest growing artists in the country today.



From my June 2013 show

BIIJA’s Mission
Through visual art, to profoundly inspire people to think and act from a higher place of consciousness contributing to the evolution of humanity and the transformation of our planet.

My dream is to have BIIJA be synonymous with “your existence matters” – sharing love around the world.



My Vision

Biija in process

Biija in Process

My life-long dream has been to be a fine artist – more accurately, one whose work transforms the viewer. My dream notably began in Paris at the Louvre many years ago. I had a profound experience when I saw The Coronation of Napoleon painted by Jacques-Luis David. Nearly two hundred years later, the paint appeared still lusciously wet and Napoleon’s fur begged me to reach out and sink my fingers into it. The richness, the beauty, the larger than life “fall back into time” experience mesmerized me. I was transformed.  His painting left me a different human being. From that day forward, I wanted to be masterful at art, so that I may touch someone else so profoundly one day that the chain of inspiration and transformation would continue.

Today, I intend to continue this evolutionary movement  by using my art to remind people – all people on the planet – that their existence matters. Inspired by my dear friend, Paula, my vision is to inspire a million people to express to at least one loved one, or perhaps someone they don’t even know, “your existence matters” by mailing (yes, old school style) a BIIJA postcard. My vision is to touch every continent, every country, and as many people until tipping point…